The Ghost City

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I've decided to use one of my own prompts to write a sort of flash fiction. You're welcome to use the prompt and enjoy the story!

People bustle, frantic to finish their business before the rise. Children are hurriedly put to bed. Lights blink out. They have only the nights to live. They are forsaken.

The sky lightens with the first tinge of orange. Talking gets faster. Doors slam. Windows lock. A last goodbye to neighbors, until tomorrow night. In all this rush, a quiet settles. No one dares to break the hush. Floating serenely on its island, the city goes away. The sun peeks out from behind a faraway hill. Already the outskirts of the city threaten to disappear.

Stray dogs bark before becoming no more. A red ball bounces one final time. The curse still holds. The sun rises. The city fades.

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