How I Review

I mainly read and review YA fiction, but I'm willing to try MG, NA, and adult fiction in certain instances. I make an effort to review books as soon as I read them—this means that ARC reviews will be posted once I've read the book, not necessarily close to the release date. My reviews tend to be long-ish and rather opinionated, with the occasional GIF. I also cross-post my reviews on Goodreads.

How I Rate

I rate using a 1–5 star system, as well as a brief summary of my thoughts in words to accompany my rating.

5: OH BUT EVERYONE NEEDS TO READ THIS. I'd totally buy this book and have no qualms about recommending it until I explode.

4: I really enjoyed this book, but I might not buy it. It’s still much better than most books and I do recommend it.

3: This book was satisfactory but nothing special to me. My feelings about it are firmly in the meh zone.

2: There was more bad than good here. If you show this one to me, I’m going to back away with a frown on my face.

1: Probably wouldn’t hesitate to burn this one.

The Genre Breakdown

  • Fantasy + its subgenres (esp. magical realism, high fantasy)
  • Science Fiction + its subgenres (esp. steampunk)
  • Contemporary

Genres I Won't Review:
  • Erotica
  • Christina/Spiritual
  • Horror (may make exceptions)

Review Requests

When I am open for review requests, I accept review copies of books in ebook form onlyI'm not taking review requests at this time.