I'm an aspirant author—as of yet unpublished, but working hard to change that. Below are the books I'm working through right now, the books I'm planning, and the books I've abandoned.

Currently Writing

Nothing at the moment!

Currently Planning

Title: On the Midnight Streets (#BraveNewOtMS)
Genre: [Novel] YA steampunk
Status: Planning / Multiple partial drafts written since March 2013
[blurb in progress]
An early draft of On the Midnight Streets received a national silver medal in the Novel Writing category of the 2014 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards (also known as the PUSH Novel Contest).

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On Hold / Shelved

Title: The Universe Quilt
Genre: [Novel] MG fantasy
Status: Partially drafted November 2012 – sometime in 2013 / Shelved

Title: The Birdcage Room
Genre: [Novel] MG fantasy (in verse)
Status: Partially drafted / On hold
A girl who causes a mental block which causes insomnia which causes a wish which causes a calamity which causes a new friend which causes a journey. A journey to the Birdcage Room.
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