So the other day I opened up my Figment profile to take a quick look at it.

And realized.

I have reached (and cleared) the fifty-follower mark.

Within four months of joining Figment.

(Note: I am also kind of learning how to use GIFs. Feedback is welcome. :3)

I mean seriously guys. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. All you amazing readers manage to make my day so often and I love you.

I joined Figment with the intention of passing by people's pages with barely a murmur. I didn't expect to garner a legitimate audience or anything - just to share my stories, be nice to people, read good stuff, the usual. I certainly didn't expect to make Fig-friends.

And now here I am looking lost because heck, what happened? Suddenly people were reading my words, liking them, featuring them in places, and basically making me so happy I wanted to burst sometimes. They still are, and it's so incredibly kind of them. It's kind of you, my darling readers.

Of course, that means it behooves me to do a thank-you post now that I've reached the 50-follower (?!) mark and here it is. Here it is.

You all remind me why I write. You are all beautiful people. Thank you a thousand, no, a million times over. And good day.
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Lovely happenings abound in Starflower's life these days.

Another lit mag has accepted a piece of hers for publication. Pretty crazy, no?

Like I've said before, occasionally I write tiny little flash-fiction pieces as a writing exercise. They turn out okay once in a while, and I tweak them a bit (or not a bit, sometimes) before I send them off to places, hoping but not really expecting for them to find a home.

Now, this one's called "Dreaming" and it's got that same magical-ish feeling to it that I'm starting to enjoy a lot nowadays. The story centers around one young woman named Penelope who has a strange problem - she's waiting for someone to come save her from the monotony of her small town, but no one's coming. And basically "Dreaming" is three hundred fifty or so words of that + tea + roses + butterflies.

Fun, right? ...Or is it?

I read somewhere a few years ago that in a faraway country (the name escapes me just now, I believe it might have been Finland), people believe that butterflies are the physical embodiment of dreams. Then, as I was sitting down in front of the computer screen to type out a few flash-words, I saved myself from blank-sheet-o-phobia by suddenly thinking of this beautiful superstition.

I took that idea and I ran with it (thought thankfully not literally), taking a few twists and turns before arriving at my final product, which I actually kind of liked. Surprisingly.

And now an awesome lit mag called varia would like to publish it.

varia describes itself as "a literary collection of flora, fauna, and other such miscellany" - isn't that the most captivating thing? It publishes prose and serials by anyone and everyone regardless of writing resume, and it's absolutely delightful. Check it out at and if you're on Tumblr, why not give them a follow?

In other miscellaneous news (just because I can), my other social media reputations are growing (so very slightly)! I now have 20 followers on Tumblr, 47 followers (?!) on Figment, have just gotten addicted to the fine website called Pinterest, and have gotten one of my stories Spotted on Storybird. Very cool, huh? And BRAGGING RIGHTS. HEH.

So to wrap this up, it's a new publication from moi! It's scheduled to appear on varia's website on Saturday, October 12, and I'll edit this post with the link when it's up!

EDIT: Here's a nice promo tidbit that came up today on varia. Can't wait for you all to read this when it's published on the twelfth!

SECOND EDIT: Aaand it's here!

THIRD EDIT (November 8, 2013): It seems that the varia site has disappeared for no apparent reason. It saddens me that you don't get to read this mag anymore, but oh, what can we do?
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