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COMMON ROOM: A Short Story Anthology

Written by Wattpad teen writers and edited by the Freshman Fifteens
When the Freshman Fifteens formed in 2013, we wanted to share the journey of being a debut author with one another. As time went on, we experienced the generosity--and help--of established authors in the writing community. We wouldn't be about to have our debut books releasing in 2015 without their support and guidance. We wanted to do the same for writers of the future. Guiding the winners of the Wattpad-Freshman Fifteens COMMON ROOM writing contest through the process of writing, revising, and editing their short stories has been a terrific experience--we hope it's been half as fun for these talented writers as it's been for us!
This anthology, published online on Wattpad by the Freshman Fifteens on January 27, 2015, features my short story "Destinata". Here's the pitch:
Destinata: Latin for "destined, intended".

Sixteen-year-old Evie is a Lancaster girl, cursed by her lineage to drive herself mad and drown if she ever kisses her true love. Until now, she's obeyed her overprotective mother; she's never given herself the chance to meet this love, wherever he or she is. Until now, she's been uncatchable. But when Elliot Morgan - the boy she's been crushing on from afar for five years - asks her if she'd like to have dinner with him, Evie says yes before she can stop herself.

Her mother and her better judgment write her off as doomed, and it doesn't help that Elliot's mother is rumored to be descended from the witch who cursed the Lancasters in the first place.

It's the most suicidal first date a girl could ask for, and a battle against fate that Evie doesn't want to fight. But what starts off as blind defiance of old magic that no one can shake might soon become something so much more.
Check out my pitch and excerpt here, and see the pitches and excerpts for the other short stories here.

Available to read: Wattpad | Jump to "Destinata"