Hello, everyone! So I haven't died or disappeared or been abducted... yet.

Which means I have no excuse for not posting for MONTHS.

*mea culpa, mea culpa, I'm terribly sorry*

Actually, I might have an excuse. Some of you might know that I joined Figment several weeks ago and have been dreadfully busy setting everything up, promoting my work, making friends, etc. etc. (I suppose this is where you go, "Making FRIENDS? STARFLOWER? NEVER!! O_O") Although this link is in numerous places all around the blog, I'll give it to you again - my Figment profile.

My most recent posts have basically been about this exciting new project I've started, On the Midnight Streets. I've also posted it on Figment, and let me say...

The reactions have been SO MUCH BETTER than I expected. Really.

I've gotten so much enthusiastic support from a wide variety of other talented writers. It's truly inspiring, and now that I have a readership that's relying on me, I feel more pressure to write (okay, except for when I'm posting on this blog).

In fact, one of my Figment idols, Lydia Albano (I have mentioned her here and there) approves of it. *mind = blown* *no really, blown*

This, of course, drove me to the point where I was having sudden hysterical fits of happiness. (Just between y'all and me, I think my family was a teeny bit worried.) Then so many other people came and gave me incredibly insightful reviews, and I just feel so so lucky right now. I can't believe the amazing response my writing is getting, y'know? (Oh, and I've cleaned up the Pages bar up top a bit. I've also updated the "Long-Term Projects" page, polished it and stuff :D)

I joined a few Fig-Groups, mainly fan clubs, but also CPR and the Imaginarium. OTMS was featured on the Imaginarium's front page:

The Imaginarium has over 500 members now, so you can imagine my surprise :3

Which meant that this blog faded into oblivion for a while. (Or even further into oblivion. I still don't know whether I have an audience for my posts most of the time. Teehee.) Especially since I was veery busy squealing about having OVER 20 FOLLOWERS and OVER 30 HEARTS.

Anyway, now that I've gotten all that bragging over with (yes, I know, I know, but you guys are all here for me, right? :3), I need to make a little confession.

I kind of started a thing. Without telling you.

It's called The Birdcage Room, and it's in verse (WAIT, WHAT?!) and it's magical realism (WAIT, WHAT?!)

It was very spontaneous mostly, as the idea just came to me one day while I was reading Anande Sjöden's piece "Jack of Hearts" (which is just as completely amazing and original as "Nattie and Finn", which I'm pretty sure I've fangirled over in the past, so GO LOVE ANANDE NOW even if that sounds a little creepy). Usually, I take novel ideas and mull over them for a reeeaaallly long time before I even get around to starting them, if I start them at all. Except OTMS was being frustrating right around then and I got distracted (SHINY! WHEE!). (Why am I using parenthetical bursts of randomness so much in this post?) Anyway, it soon blossomed into something I thought I could really take to paper, only I had one problem... I had no idea what kind of POV I was going to use. Third-person present sounded good, but... I may or may not be planning another novel in third-person present tense. *hides*

Well, then I hit upon the seemingly excellent (but in fact extremely foolish) idea of writing this thing in verse.

I've never been a great poet. I had a bit of a poetry craze in around second grade, but honestly, I never had any real talent. Then in fifth grade we had another poetry unit, but I can say that I had no fun whatsoever. So I completely surprised myself with the notion. Then I went, "And why not?" and began to write the first chapter. (The link to the novel is on the "Long-Term Projects" page.)

And then, by an odd sequence of events, Kimberly Karalius (another one of my Figment idols) found it and liked it.

It's completely bizarre and I'm seriously feeling so, so loved by whoever is up there or down there or everywhere in between who decides what happens. Whether that entity is God or karma or the Fates. (I support all religions that make people better. So.)

Anyway, it's been crazy. And now I'm making so many lovely Fig-friends, which is incredible. 

Which brings us to the Solemn Promise.

I solemnly swear that my posts from now on will be a great deal more coherent. At the very least. Maybe they'll even be enjoyable to read sometimes.

I won't be doing as many book reviews anymore - my posts will be more writing-related now. I'll only review indie books and/or books by friends of mine (Fig-friends... hint hint). The mission of this blog's book reviews is now to promote amazing up-and-coming authors.

So there's everything. Enjoy the new (much more scatterbrained) me.

*twirls villain mustache*
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