If you follow me on Figment, you may have read "Pinioned", the magical-realism entry that I wrote for Figment's Homecoming Contest. Unfortunately, it didn't win, but it's just been accepted by this fun magazine for those in grades 6-12!

The piece itself is loosely based on the Russian fairytale "The Feather of Finist the Falcon". Using that, I basically wrote a little flash scene about how Finist and his lover come to homecoming ;)

Parallel Ink is run by high schoolers from all over, living in countries like Korea and Thailand, collaborating over a mutual love of creative work. And if that's not cool, I don't know what is.

Anyhow, I'll be linking you up to their "Archives" page when the issue's out (on December 1st!) so that you can read the ISSUU.

Fun, right? :)

EDIT (December 1, 2013): Hey look, the issue is up! http://issuu.com/parallelink/docs/issue1vol2
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Whoa, right?

The world continually manages to surprise me. (Needless to say.)

The first one, The Wandering Collective, published my poem "before bed" today. (My first poetry pub - wow.) The poem is basically my odd mind working with the "star light, star bright, first star I see tonight" nursery rhyme. You can probably see where that went :3

Anyhow, The Wandering Collective. They're very feminist and cool, and they "showcase the work of teenage girls". You can read my poem here - but hey, teen girls? You should totally submit. It's a place with very good vibes.

My second pub is GREYstone, a literary magazine for kids in grades K-12. Also a "good-vibes" place. And the best part? The story being published is the very same one I wrote in March - the one that I originally posted here in memory of a NaNoer named Ash who lost her fight with leukemia. So now I feel that though I never actually talked to her, Ash has given me a gift. And I'd like to thank her, wherever she might be now.


There might be a second best part.

You see, GREYstone issues also eventually become available for print purchase. The online issue goes live on November 23, 2013, so I'll post a link once that is up, but seriously OH GOSH IT'S PRINT.

My first poetry pub and my first print appearance, all in one post.

Okay, let's all be shocked now.

EDIT (12/3/2013): Here's the GREYstone issue for online reading! http://mygreystone.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/greystone-issue-ten/

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As returning readers might notice, this blog has just undergone a major renovation. It's all so pretty now, isn't it?

I'd like to introduce a wonderful blog designer + person in general to you: Jessie.

Jessie runs My Candy Shoppe, in which she designs blogs for free - and so fast! She was done in less than a week, and let's face it, the change was breathtaking. She also blogs herself in multiple places, but the blog I found her at is A Chirographic Mind. It's a very pretty and meaningful little site, and I'm sure she'd appreciate it if you checked it out.

So basically, she's fabulous. And if any of y'all have Blogger blogs, you may want to consider ordering a design from her :)

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