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So the other day I opened up my Figment profile to take a quick look at it.

And realized.

I have reached (and cleared) the fifty-follower mark.

Within four months of joining Figment.

(Note: I am also kind of learning how to use GIFs. Feedback is welcome. :3)

I mean seriously guys. Thank you. Thank you so so so much. All you amazing readers manage to make my day so often and I love you.

I joined Figment with the intention of passing by people's pages with barely a murmur. I didn't expect to garner a legitimate audience or anything - just to share my stories, be nice to people, read good stuff, the usual. I certainly didn't expect to make Fig-friends.

And now here I am looking lost because heck, what happened? Suddenly people were reading my words, liking them, featuring them in places, and basically making me so happy I wanted to burst sometimes. They still are, and it's so incredibly kind of them. It's kind of you, my darling readers.

Of course, that means it behooves me to do a thank-you post now that I've reached the 50-follower (?!) mark and here it is. Here it is.

You all remind me why I write. You are all beautiful people. Thank you a thousand, no, a million times over. And good day.
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