Book Review: The Omnivore's Dilemma: Young Reader's Edition by Michael Pollan

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“What’s for dinner?” seems like a simple question. But do you really know…
  • What happens to a field of potatoes destined to become french fries … or
  • In how many disguises corn sneaks into your food? (Hint: it’s in your soda, your burger, and that Twinkie!)
  • Do you know what that “organic” sticker on your banana actually means … or
  • Where the chicken in your nugget grew up?

Do you know the secrets behind what you eat?
In this book, you’ll go undercover at the supermarket. You’ll delve behind the scenes of your dinner, and by the time you’ve digested the last page you’ll have put together the fascinating (and sometimes disturbing) puzzle of what’s on your plate and how it got there.
--From Michael Pollan's website
What an informative (and slightly disturbing) book! From start to finish, Michael Pollan's journey to find out what's really in our food was masterfully presented. It began as a bit of a let-down as it described the cruelty and destruction that went into an industrial meal. The format of the book was also intriguing - each section ended with a meal eaten in the category that Pollan was describing.

The middle was information packed, and the book ended with a really touching message about "voting with our forks" and making sure old food chains didn't disappear from the earth.

Not much analysis to do, really.
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