May It Be

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May it be an evening star

Stars... I remember when you could see the stars at night. Little twinkling lights, blinking at you, and you could imagine you could hear them laughing, a wonderful laugh, like it said in that book, oh, what was it called? Before the smog floated up and the stars went away. Now the night sky is dull and does not laugh, no, not anymore.

Shines down upon you

What a wonderful wish for days past. The light of the stars, a reliable guide in dark times, when you must sail a stormy sea or walk a rough road. A beautiful blessing for times of old.

May it be when darkness falls

Darkness has fallen on our earth now, nothing can save us, no, nothing. Smoke billows into the graying sky; the world is suspended in perpetual twilight. If we ever needed a star to shine down, to light the way, it would be now. A fervent plea rises up towards the heavens in this darkest hour.

You heart will be true

Will it be true? Darkness changes people, twists their hearts. Whispers to them in the dead of night. But I'll hold on to that shred of hope.

You walk a lonely road

All of us do, today and every day. We are so tightly packed together, and yet each to his own thoughts. So alone. No one knows how to reach out anymore, how to comfort, how to smile. In our clumping together we've undergone an ironic separation. And the road stretches out before us, countless miles walked but so many more still.

Oh! How far you are from home

No home for anyone in this world. As we travel we lose that feeling. Of embraces, of a good hearty meal in front of a leaping fireplace. Everyone is far from home, always, to try and get away from feeling trapped. But it's always the same, always trapped. Nowhere for us to run to now.

Mornie utulie (Darkness has come)

Oh yes, ever does the darkness hang over our weary heads. Ever do we yearn for the stars, twinkling in some heavenly garden above. Ever to we look to the skies only to be greeted by a curtain of smoke.

Believe and you will find your way

If only it were true! But no one has the strength to believe anymore. No, no, no hope left. We have almost forgotten the meaning of that word, so cool and strong on our tongues. We have almost forgotten how to speak it in harmonious unity. Maybe if someone had the courage to utter that one word, a shaft of light will break the ceiling of the earth and lead us to a new life where people believe and are happy.

Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen)

Darkness deeper than the night shrouds our days. We no longer fight to live. Eyes dead, limbs creaking, our heads barely lifting to scan the heavens one last time. 

A promise lives within you now

The only promise I see is that of death, soon, very soon, to relieve our misery. In a ruined world full of shadow, how can a promise glow in the new day? 

May it be the shadow's call

The shadow calls us, everyone, to death, and more go every day. In the unending darkness just like a storm, countless souls float away, throwing themselves into the murky, fast-flowing river. They go all the way out to the salty sea with its stinging water and nasty smell. I hear the water was blue once, but now it's greenish-brown, foul with all the waste of a dying earth.

Will fly away

Some days, I wish a great strong torrent of wind would blow the clouds away so that we could see what the sky really looks like. 

May it be you journey on

Nowhere to walk, nowhere to journey to bring back a casket full of hope and good things. Endless roaming around the earth, once, twice, five times and nothing to bring back with a smile and warm feelings. 

To light the day

I don't even know what light looks like anymore.

When the night is overcome

Only the hateful shadow.

You may rise to find the sun

Where is it?

Mornie utulie (Darkness has come) 
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie (Darkness has fallen) 
A promise lives within you now

A promise lives within you now

(Song is "May It Be" by Enya - written by Howard Shore, Enya, Nicholas John Ryan, and Roma Shane Ryan)

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