Blog Hop: The Literate Gets Loony

...or, my miserable attempt at giving this blog hop post a nice title.

I'm all about helping out fellow bloggers I love, and one way of doing that is spreading the word when they switch sites and make an important move! You may remember I did a similar post for Cait when she moved to the epicawesome Paper Fury a little while back.

This time, I'm helping Emily (who previously blogged at The Loony Teen Writer) celebrate the launch of her new site, Loony Literate. Emily's a wonderful, enthusiastic Aussie teen blogger who talks books, writing, and everything in between, and I highly encourage you to go give her some love. It'll be more than worth it.

Anyway, moving on to the real meat of this post—Emily's super fun questions (because we all know how much of a weakness I have for posts where I answer questions)!

1) What’s something a bit LOONY about you?

*cries/laughs forever* Everything about me is loony. But if I were to choose one thing in particular? Hmm... I once memorized the Gettysburg Address for a Civil War unit last year and I can still recite most of it. As you might expect, it comes in very handy for scaring off unwanted interruptions to my writing and potential acquaintances alike.

2) Since I’m Australian – what’s your favourite book by an Australian author?

OOH, THAT'S SO DIFFICULT. I have two favorite favorite authors who are Australian: Markus Zusak and John Flanagan. But I think my absolute favorite book from either of them has to be Zusak's The Book Thief, although close runner-ups include Markus Zusak's I Am the Messenger and Flanagan's The Kings of Clonmel and The Battle for Skandia. (Do not judge. Ranger's Apprentice was basically the entirety of my fifth grade year and it is a most fabulous series indeed.)

I really ought to read more books by Australian authors.

3) What’s your favourite kind of post to write, and why?

I love writing up posts where I answer other people's questions—tags, blog awards, and the like (as you can clearly see by the fact that this post exists)—because usually these questions take my mind down interesting and odd paths that it would not normally consider.

4) Favourite genre of YA?

Fantasy all the way. I am thoroughly and unapologetically passionate about YA fantasy, though if you've read my blog even a little, you *ahem* are probably aware.

5) Biggest blogging goal?

Probably my biggest blogging goal is 100 followers right now—I'm not too focused on statistics in general, but to know that I have a substantial audience would be super nice.

6) Name another blogger who has been an inspiration to you.

ALL the bloggers I'd say that Lydia @ Ink-Stained Hands definitely inspired me to approach blogging with more enthusiasm, and that's made this whole process so much more fun.

7) Trivia -

a) a 2014 contemporary YA release where the main character is called Emily (and I loved it, by the way). This author also wrote a book about a road trip.

I ACTUALLY TOTALLY KNEW THIS ONE. IT IS MORGAN MATSON (even though I haven't read any of her books and should probably do that, since I've heard so many good things about her work). The YA release you're referring to is Since You've Been Gone, and the road trip book is Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

Obviously I know too much about books I have not read.

b) Madam Rosmerta from Harry Potter makes lovely oak-matured what? [hint…it’s part of my name]

Mead. *pretends not to have peeked at Emily's name*

8) If you haven’t done this already, look up your full name (or your pen name if you use one) on an anagram finder. What’s the best anagram of your name? [mine is a tie between “JIMMY EEL, A NUDE” and “JEAN EYELID MUM.” I’m thinking of writing books with these titles.]

I really like "manic hit sir", but otherwise, my name is fairly boring anagram-wise. (There are only eleven letters to work with, after all.)

9) One thing you want to see more of in YA?


10) And finally – are you excited about Loony Literate????

...and that's a wrap! Remember to go give Emily a gentle tackle hug on her new blog!

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  1. Ooh, I participated in this blog hop too! Confession: I had to Google the Gettysburg Address to recall what it was. But it sounds plenty useful for chasing off people indeed! One of my friends can recite world capitals, ahaha. I just threaten.

    One of my anagrams is "Salary Lace Sir." Good morrow, fellow sir.


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