Music Monday [1]: "Picture Perfect"

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As part of my 2014 resolution to post on this blog more regularly, I'm going to run a weekly feature called "Music Monday", where I share music that I've found that I love. (Fellow bloggers, feel free to join in! I'd love to see your music picks in a link in the comments or some such nice thing.)

My first found-sound (haha, that has a nice ring to it, huh?) is "Picture Perfect" by nineteen-year-old singer-songwriter Paola Bennet. I first found her on Tumblr, where synthetic-synaesthesia had reblogged a cover song of hers.

I think this song is so perfect because it's a simple, sweet way to commemorate finding yourself in a big, lonely place - and that feeling of wandering is so well-captured in these lyrics and Paola's beautiful voice.

Go on, get the keys - drive 
Until we hit the coast 
See the beach at night 
The stars I love the most 
You may be picture perfect, babe, 
But there are things you don't know

So hit play, my dears, and enjoy this bright addition to your Monday!

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1 comment

  1. Oh wow, I really love this song. It'll fit perfectly on a story playlist I'm working on. Thanks for the rec!

    I'll link to "Soften and Shake" by Olivia Broadfield. I just heard it off a recent episode of The Vampire Diaries, and I love the lyrics and the sound so much. Let me know waht you think!


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