In Which Starflower Has Won a Thing

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I mentioned these awards before, in my post about where OtMS had gone, and now the regional results are out.

Unfortunately, since OtMS was submitted in the 'Novel Writing' category, which is a special category and therefore not regionally judged, I don't know anything about the status of that yet. However, national medalists will be announced on March 17, so there's a little over a month left to wait!

Along with my novel excerpt, I submitted a science fiction/fantasy short story and a poem collection.

While my poetry didn't win anything at all...

The short story won a Gold Key.

A Gold Key, the first year I entered.

What that means is that the story is advancing to national judging. *squee* I'm crazy excited even though I am fully aware that less than 5% of Gold Key winners receive medals. I'm still. So. Crazy. Excited. This is the first notable award I've won for my writing and it makes me feel so good.

Again, thank you for your lovely reader support throughout this wonderful time! I love you all :)

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