Book Review: The Raging Quiet by Sherryl Jordan

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Widowed just two days after her unwilling marriage to a man twice her age, Marnie finds herself an outsider in the remote seaside village of Torcurra. Spurned by the townsfolk who suspect her involvement in her husband's death, she has only two friends: the local priest and the madman known as Raver, even more of an outcast than Marnie herself. Marnie makes a remarkable discovery about Raver, whom she renames Raven, and the two forge a deep bond that begins to heal her own bruised heart. But the suspicious villagers see Raven's transformation as evidence of witchcraft, and suddenly Marnie finds herself facing an ordeal that threatens not only her future with Raven, but her very life.

Such a beautiful story.

Marnie was a really nice character. Her spirit was so accurately captured in the text. Father Brannan was so good to her, and they were both just wonderful to each other.

I'm not sure if I liked the way Raven was portrayed. In the beginning, he was just more of a simple-minded person, but the bond between Marnie and Raven was a powerful thing. 

The description and the book design (at least in the copy I read) were both beautiful.

Just read it, okay?
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