Book Review: Princess Paisley by Chautona Havig

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Fairytales aren’t just for children anymore!
Welcome to Jackalopany!  Meet King Jack and Queen Felicia and their estimable children, Paisley and Jackson.  Paisley has reached the year of her majority and is about to endure her “Majority Ball.”  She’s unique, prank-loving, and not ready to change her life.  She’d rather continue her days herding sheep, playing her harp, and avoiding the responsibilities associated with the Jackalopian throne.
The shepherd Henry, Prince Rupert of Froggilandria, Kyle of Kaiandra, Marcus of Wellsbiundia, and the amusing Cletus of Rednecky all battle for the hand (and possibly the rest of) Princess Paisley.  Will Darius of Griffinlund foil the plans of so many?  Will tragedy leave the Jackalopian throne bereft of an heir?  And last but not least, will the narrator ever stop yammering about the rigors and rules of the fairytale genre?

A sweet little Kindle book. Like most Kindle books, it has a couple of typos and some errors, but I guess it was worthwhile if you get it for free. Just read the summary and decide if you want it... :)
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