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NOTE: We've reached the 200-post mark! *squee*

I love sharing publication news with you all—simply because a) I like having happy things to tell you and b) you all get to read some more of my writing, which is my way of thanking you for your lovely support.

I'm over the moon to be able to say that I have a poem up in Words Dance today. Some backstory: Words Dance Publishing is one of my favorite places to read contemporary poetry, as it features breathtaking writers and is committed to discussing social issues and empowering marginalized voices. It's been contributed to and/or staffed by poets like Meggie Royer, Ashe Vernon, Azra Tabassum, Caitlyn Siehl, and Donna-Marie Riley. These are among the poets who convinced me to get back into writing poetry. I'd never had much of a liking for it before, but now I'm very passionate about it (you can tell).

So it means the world to me to be able to say that I've placed a poem there.

I don't often write poems about myself, but "Given Name" is one of them. It's an exploration of my Korean name and the meaning of that name. A lot of names in Korea, even today, are based off of Chinese characters and are given based on date of birth, and mine is no exception. My Korean name, according to the official Korean romanization system, is spelled Ji-hyeon in English. Each syllable of that name is based on a Chinese character—roughly, "ji" means "luck" or "good fortune", and "hyeon" means "to be deep (water)".

For those of you who are curious (hey Korean and Chinese readers + those of you who've learned the languages! *high-fives you* *high-fives everyone else too because why not*), this is what my name looks like in Korean and Chinese (my last name is in parentheses):


Head over to Words Dance to find my poem. Enjoy!

So that's all, pretty much! What do you think of my poetry? Or of Words Dance?

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