Randomocity Must Be a Beautiful Place

First basic takeaway point today: I'm terrible at titling tag posts. I should just accept this and move on.

Second basic takeaway point: Alex McCarron, over at Third Star to the Right, tagged me for The Tag of Randomocity and is therefore a lovely person who should be showered with virtual fairy raspberries (since she likes raspberries so much). Not that she wasn't thoroughly lovely already, of course.

The rules

  • Paste the button onto your blog post.
  • Leave a new list of questions (or just pass on the question list you answered) and tag a few people of your random choice (and say why you tagged them, if you have time)! (Be original and nonsensical and disastrously random!)
  • Write down three facts about you – one of them is WRONG. Let your commenters guess in the comments which one is wrong (and tell them in the comments after a while)
  • Answer the questions of the person who tagged you – make it all super random and interesting.

Did you know?

(Of course, one of these is a heinous lie.)
  • I've been on three different splendiferous continents—Asia, North America, and Europe.
  • I will take any excuse to eat arugula. 
  • My heat tolerance is a pitiful thing that should not be tested.

Interrogation session

What is one food that you can (do?) eat mountains of because you love it so?

Oh my goodness. I absolutely ADORE food. Sadly, many of the foods I love involve soup and are therefore very difficult to make mountains out of. That said, I would totally eat mountains of sushi hopefully without getting sick in the process. Sushi is a wonderful thing that the world needs more of, no question.

If you were a Traveler Without Roots, would your home be a train car, an RV, a hot air balloon, a boat, or just a pack on your back? Or maybe another option completely?

I saw this question and was immediately going to say "hot air balloon", but then I realized that my fear of heights and tendency to get airsick would put a serious damper on my traveling experience.


Unfortunately, a similar thing goes for the boat—I can get pretty seasick. And nothing but a pack on my back sounds terribly daring, but let's be real here: I can't survive without guaranteed shelter. So I think I'd go with a train car, because that sounds like the classy choice. (It would have to be a magical train car, though. You all know how these things are with me.)

Name a celebrity you wish you could spend one day with.  


(Technically not really a celebrity because she's an author, BUT.)


What fictional character’s house would you like to have as your own? 

Is this even a question?

I really want Bilbo Baggins's house. Yes, I said. I WANT BAG END (although scaled up so I'm not constantly hitting my head on that one chandelier that Gandalf has so much trouble with). It's such a comfortable, well-crafted, obviously much-loved house. Plus, so many reading nooks! And space for good food! Sounds perfect to me.

If you could take a class in ANYTHING what would it be? 

Hand lettering. 150%. I seriously want to learn hand lettering. Because look:
I need to be able to do this.

Name a childhood obsession. TV show, stuffed animal, book, food, pastime—anything. 

When I was younger, I was absolutely obsessed with fairytale-ish things. (I mean, I still am.) Magical escapes, plucky heroines, and fantasy adventures were my lifeblood. (I mean, they still are.) One thing in particular that I made my family watch over and over was the film Stardust.
also if you watch this movie and don't ship the ship you're  l y i n g
It's the perfect blend of action, strangeness, magic, and kindness that boosts my faith in humanity every time I watch it. The way the plotlines mix is wonderful, and overall it's just a really great film that I'll love forever.

Oddly enough, I still haven't read the book. I should get on that.

What do you think would be an awesome theme for a party? 

I really want to throw a Night Circus-themed party at some point in my life. Everything would be black and white and gray, with sudden bursts of red, and there'd be impeccable food. Everyone would be extremely well-dressed, and there would a replica of Herr Thiessen's fabulous clock somewhere.

This has to happen, okay? Someone figure it out STAT.

Have you been in any clubs/groups in your lifetime? 

Oh yes! First there's the obvious—I was in Speech and Debate this past school year and am planning to go back for another round once I get back to school. In fact, I'm also planning on adding two more school clubs to my schedule: Model UN and Mock Trial. In middle school, I also participated in MathCounts for two years (to this day, I'm still not sure how I ever landed a spot on the team EVER; my math skills are shaky at best).

Then there's friend things. I'm fortunate enough to have wonderful, genuinely caring, wickedly smart friends both on- and offline. My current circle of IRL friends is basically like one big nerd club. And of course, I can't forget ATTAC! Alyssa, Topaz, Taylor, and AnQi are some of the coolest and most talented writers/bloggers I've met, and I'm so glad I know them.

And lastly, writing things! It's my privilege to be a part of The Adroit Journal Summer Mentorship Program's Class of 2015, as well as the mentor group over at the Glass Kite Anthology Summer Writing Studio (which we've dubbed the 'GKA FAMBAM').

PS: I'm also part of these Tumblr networks.

What’s something you have to buy all the time that you wish you could just have an endless supply of (something that’s always the same thing—no books or movies!)?

Endless supply of college ruled notebook paper = a thing I need in my life. Enough said.

What park (national/amusement/theme/etc) would you choose to visit? 

Thing you should know about me: I loathe amusement parks because I'm terrified of roller coasters and other assorted park rides (heights + intense motion + that stone-drop feeling in your stomach? no thank you). I also don't love crowded places—case in point: Times Square was my least favorite part of New York City when I traveled there last year. So you're generally not going to find me in an amusement park or theme park by choice. I'd love to visit Glacier Bay instead. It's a national park and reserve in the state of Alaska that I once saw from the deck of a cruise ship but never got to properly step into, and what I did glimpse of it was absolutely breathtaking. I think I'd have a wonderful day there, armed with a phone camera, a notebook + pen, and some very warm and fluffy clothes.
it must be even more gorgeous in person. [via]

Spreading the love

I'm tagging (but do it only if you want to!): 

  • Morning (thanks for the shoutout in your last post + for being such an all-around lovely person!)
  • Rachana (thanks for being so incredibly supportive all the time!)
  • + you, because I want to thank YOU for reading all the way to the bottom of this post and I can't for the life of me think of more people to tag, which is horrendous of me.
I'll just pass along the questions above, because they're a pretty darn cool bunch of questions.

So what do you think? Was I appropriately random? Are there any answers of mine that you relate to?

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  1. Heinous lie, hmmm ... I feel like I should know the answer. Eh, I'm gonna go with arugula. Random guess, which befits this tag. ALL THE SUSHI. I actually skimp on many raw foods, but sushi normally manages to convince me.

    I WOULD TOTALLY JOIN YOU ON MEETING VICTORIA SCHWAB AND HAVING THE NIGHT CIRCUS PARTY. The aesthetics of the latter would just be all the pretttttyyyy. Also *ATTAC high-five* I just love our little nerdy circle. Can't wait for the next #LitLove :D


    The lie is actually the first fact! I've only been on Asia and North America (but OMG I want to go to Europe so, so badly). I actually ADORE arugula.


    Ahh yes, you can almost never go wrong with sushi. I'm not big on a lot of raw foods, either, but sushi. SUSHI. [keyboard smashing ensues]

    And ohh my goodness, if we both met up with Victoria Schwab and all three of us spent a day together, it'd be perfect. I wish I could make this happen sometime (yeah, I'd actually have to work up the courage to carry out a legitimate conversation with Victoria Schwab first). Plus, the party! If we ever meet IRL (WE MUST), this is a thing that should happen. AESTHETIC PARTIES ARE THE GREATEST PARTIES.

    An ATTAC high-five sounds vaguely dangerous, but I'll return it! *does so* Our little nerdy circle and our #LitLove bashes are amazing beyond belief. :D

  3. Hand lettering is like wickedly beautiful and YES I would love to be able to do that, also graphic design, also professional photography. *wishful sigh* VICTORIA SCHWAB IS TOTALLY A CELEBRITY. AUTHORS SHOULD BE CELEBRITIES, OMG, THEY ARE SO FABULOUS.
    Also now I really want to read The Night Circus.
    And ugh, rollar coasters. Ugh.XD

  4. I'm terrible at titling tag posts too!..Hmm I think the lie is the first one (you haven't lived on 3 different continents). Oh and I'm scared of heights too..and I get seasick too. AND YESS I would name an author too because they're totally celebrities!

    Thank-you for tagging me! (This tag is so awesome!) And I love your writing SO MUCH <33

  5. Okay, I'm going to give it a wild guess and say that I believe the lie is the first one? (I'd say the second, but I am one of the few people I know who sort of adores arugula, so I'm crossing my fingers I've found a kindred spirit there.)

    And CHRISTINA, I am rather disappointed in you that you don't consider authors to be celebrities. Honestly. I thought you were better than this. I may speak with the others about revoking your ATTAC membership if this madness goes on. ;) *stalks away grumbling under my breath*

    Also, I don't believe I've ever told you this, but here is a fun fact: I actually do hand-lettering in my spare time! I've never taken any classes (because I despise formal classes and prefer dimly-lit Youtube videos and far too many hours of mistakes), but I'd like to think I'm moderately proficient regardless. ;) Though I must say, the few photos you've posted on Instagram have been utterly gorgeous - I would love to see some more of it, if you are at all interested.

    While we're on the topic of hand lettering (I'm sorry, please do tell me if I am geeking out too much over this; I can gladly shut up about it) - have you tried any material other than pencil? The reason I ask is because, although I mainly stick to felt-tips, I have been seriously considering investing in a nice calligraphy pen. The few I've tried in stores have been like silk on paper and I've fallen in love with the way they feel, but they are also kind of monstrously expensive, so I was wondering if you had any thoughts on it.

    Mm, Glacier Bay looks breathtaking; perhaps you could float to it in your magical train car? (In case you couldn't tell, I am 100% digging the magical train car. I may have to steal that idea for a book or something. In the Acknowledgements: "Thank you to Mom for feeding me and pretending not to notice when I stayed up far too late to write, to every single author that inspired me to write in the first place, and to Christina Im, for that one Randomocity blog post." (Side note: I am a bit shocked that you didn't love Times Square. Because I mean. TIMES SQUARE.) (This could be my New York addiction speaking. Please disregard.)

  6. AHH! *high-fives you* Honestly, if I weren't such a word nerd I'd totally pursue hand lettering + design-related things as my career. I LOVE graphic design and typography, and I'd like to get more into photography as well. *wants to do all the things*

    IF ONLY AUTHORS WERE AS WILDLY FAMOUS AS OTHER CELEBRITIES. We could have a world of bookworms and it'd be wonderful.

    You SHOULD read The Night Circus. I don't know if it's a 100% Cait book in the typical sense, but it is magical and original and gorgeous beyond belief.

    (Ditto on the 'ugh roller coasters'. I kind of detest them.)


    The lie is the first one! I haven't traveled to three different continents, only two :P


    Oh my goodness, this sounds terrible, but I'm so glad I'm not the only one burdened by those things xD And OF COURSE. Authors are the most worthwhile celebrities. ALWAYS.

    You're very welcome; I hope you have fun with it! And thank you for the kind words :)

  8. Yeah, not in love with heights or seasickness. What can I say? I like traveling—except, sometimes, the actual traveling part when you get from place to place.

    Oooh, so cool that you plan on finishing The Night Circus! Knowing the way you write, I think it'd be right up your alley. And yes! I've always leaned toward college ruled rather than wide ruled; I love how it saves space. Thank YOU for tagging me! :)


    I think I'm actually in a lifelong love affair with arugula. The lie is actually the first fact!


    PS re: sushi: I AGREE.

  9. I love long comments, so don't feel bad in the slightest about leaving one ;)


    You're absolutely correct! The lie was the first one, as I've unfortunately never been to Europe. But HI fellow INFJ + arugula lover! :D :D (Coincidence that we have so much in common or?)


    Ah, perhaps I should reword: authors aren't celebrities in the TYPICAL sense of the word ;) But then again, authors aren't typical in anything, so.

    Ohh my goodness, that's amazing! If you ever decide to share any of your hand lettering, do let me know. I'd love to see it :) I've actually never even looked at a YouTube tutorial or formal class or anything—all of what I've done so far has been completely on my own, so I'm so glad you think I'm on the right track! (I should head over to YouTube soon, though. I hope to post a lot more hand lettering on various social media outlets in the future!)

    (You are always welcome to geek out about hand lettering with me to your heart's content. I'll talk about it for, like, FOREVER.) I've actually never tried anything other than pencil. I'd love to get a calligraphy pen sometime, but they are indeed ridiculously expensive and I might be afraid to use them. I'd want to brush up on my skills more before I considered getting one :3

    I would totally love to float to Glacier Bay in a magical train car. Also: PLEASE WRITE THIS BOOK. Any book with acknowledgments like that will no doubt be awesome. I wasn't the hugest fan of Times Square simply because it was so crowded, but I did adore other parts of New York—the New York Public Library and Central Park, in particular :)

  10. Oh my gosh, I have no idea how I did not see this before. Well, besides the fact that I've been unpacking, I've been trying to pin like crazy onto my Pinterest board so I can perhaps enter it into your birthday contest (I'm terrible with Pinterest). It's not exactly presentable right now.

    First off, if you ever come to Glacier Bay or even in Alaska, if you have to tell me because I live there and Glacier Bay is literally an hour away from where I live. Sadly, we don't have any delicious tea or coffee or comfy magical train cars to offer... Wait, scratch that second bit; it depends on which train you ride up here.

    I'm not sure which one is the lie out of the three. I'm going to guess the one with arugula? I probably got that one terribly wrong, I'm sorry! >.<

    Endless supply of college ruled paper is definitely a must. I'm pretty sure that last year, my freshman year, I ran out of lined paper to work in after a month, and I placed about two packs worth into my binder-- or it could be just a problem that I have; I like to rewrite all of my math homework after writing all over the original sheet, which we aren't supposed to do. My math teachers have learned over the years that I'm a scatterplotted person.

    Thank you so much for nominating me! I usually don't do tag posts anymore, but I am VERY tempted to possibly answer these questions on my blog...

    xoxo Morning

    P.S. I never heard of Stardust until now. I need an actual life-- not one consisting of going over to an elementary a day after school ends to dress up as Marvel characters playing Mouse on Ground and screaming, "FOR NARNIA AND FOR AASSSSLLLLLAAAANNNNN!"

  11. No worries, Morning! <3 I can't wait to hear about your trip to the Philippines—it sounds like it was fascinating, and so much fun—and I'd love to see your Pinterest board. Hopefully you can get it into the contest on time!

    AHH I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I promise that if I ever come up to Alaska, you will be the first to know. Hopefully we can meet up and do *all* the Glacier Bay + lovely Alaska things. (Oh my gosh, I really enjoyed cruising around Alaska, so I do hope to take a more substantial trip there at some point in my life.)


    The lie is actually the first one, since I've sadly never been to Europe :( I do adore arugula, though, to the great puzzlement of many of my friends. (Oh my goodness I just looked this up, and 'puzzlement' is an actual word.)


    ACH I totally have that problem with using up college ruled paper. It's just that it's so useful! For so many things I need to do! And ugh yes, I have to write out all my math, too, or my brain will find some way of messing it up.

    You're very welcome! If you do decide to do the tag post, have fun with it!

    PS: Oooh, then I'm glad to have educated you about it! I think you'd really enjoy Stardust; if you give it a try, let me know what you think. (Screaming "FOR NARNIA AND FOR ASLAN" at elementary schools is a perfectly acceptable way to live one's life ;) and let's be honest, who hasn't wanted to do this at some point?)


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