Weekend Wordfest [16]: Thanks Again, Tumblr

[credit | vanni jung ståhle]

Weekend Wordfest is the new incarnation of my long-standing feature Fiction Friday here on the blog. Why'd I make the change, you ask? Lately, thanks to the Internet, I've been reading oodles and oodles of earth-shattering poetry that the name 'Fiction Friday' doesn't allow me to spotlight. So I decided that since this is a "my blog my rules" zone, a feature change was in order.

The format of each post will look about the same. Number-wise, I've decided to simply pick up where FF left off. Just think of it as Fiction + Poetry + Other Assorted Great Words Friday, or just Great Writing Around the Internet Friday. I might also feature some of my own in-progress work as well (maybe some more #watchmewrite videos? who knows), truly making this new feature an anything-goes 'wordfest'.

This week, I'd like to draw your attention to the wildly creative and varied melting pot that is the Tumblr poetry community. Most of my poetry taste has been shaped by writers I've read and loved around Tumblr, and these people have also reinforced my deep-seated belief that any artist who posts on the Internet is just as legitimate and fearless of an artist as any other. A lot of my Wordfests might end up featuring Tumblr writers from now on—just a heads-up.

"Howl" | Kharla M. Brillo

I love you like a love bite not meant: / not in tune to this neck, the train of bones, this railway spine, / the choir of flesh sunbathing under a hurricane sky.
I've been following Kharla (pouvoires) on Tumblr for a while, but it was only recently that I started to really get into her poetry. I love how honest and vibrant and recklessly emotional the imagery in Kharla's poetry is, and this particular poem is no exception. Add that to the brilliant formatting of the lines (how did she get around the finicky Tumblr quote post format? clearly she has mystical powers), and you've got a recipe for loveliness. 

read it here.

"Oh brother dearest" | Caitlyn Siehl

When you grew your fangs, / the first thing you did was suck the marrow / from that golden sun, then she followed you to the river / and watched you bury your baby teeth / while everything burned like an ending.
Caitlyn Siehl (alonesomes) was one of my first favorite Tumblr poets. This poem in particular is just so darkly gorgeous that I honestly think it'd be a crime not to feature it. Every line, particularly toward the end, is so wonderfully crafted. You can probably feel my poet envy through your screen at this very moment. Also, it could be just me, but I'm getting serious Artemis/Apollo vibes from this poem. (One thing you should know about me is that if something gives me Greek mythology vibes, I will like it 500% more.)

read it here.

"letters to my ghost" | Madeleine C.

everything is rusted / the colour of blood / the colour of a red light i will always ignore
I actually didn't come across Maddie's poetry via her poetry blog (vespairs) at all; instead, I got to it by first following her main blog (mythaelogy). The two are equally brilliant and both absolute dreams for lovers of aesthetics and mythology and powerful narratives. This poem in particular is a short and shuddering work, something that works by stitching together tiny flashes of imagery, and I really love how vivid it is. Do make the time (and it's not that much time at all) to take it in.

read it here

"Apology Song" | Suraya Kamal

In your ocean trench body, / I am the wreckage. / The mess you ached for, / The slipshod dialect in your poetry. / There is a void where your name left me; / Crawled out of my mouth and into the quiet.
I actually just discovered this poet (figmentalism) a few weeks ago when I read this poem, but oh. Oh my goodness. This is a heavy-hearted poem, with a wisdom and depth that feels age-old. It'll make you feel as though you shouted into a well years ago and you're finally hearing the echo that you needed.

PS: that last line that will leave you gutted. It's amazing.

read it here.

I hope you all savor these poems as much as I did, and have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. The rename is equally breathtaking as its predecessor! And I would LOVE to see #WatchMeWrites. Also, *clutches at heart* HOW DO YOU FIND SUCH WONDERFUL POETRY. BECAUSE IT IS WONDERFUL AND HEARTBREAKING. (And you're absolutely right. That last line left me *broken*.)

  2. Ahh, that's a relief! Coming up with titles for features is always a bit of a headache. And I'd love to post more #watchmewrites! I really need to hurry up and make some more, I suppose.



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