#WatchMeWrite [1]: Chantilly Panics

I have a surprise for you all. 

Now that I reflect upon it, almost everything I post is a surprise because hey, I have zero schedule or organization or anything on this blog. But I wanted to make it all official, because I've been meaning to do this for a long time.

Like six months, in fact.

This weird and wonderful hashtag-thing #WatchMeWrite originally started back in September 2014, when E.R. Warren, Japanese fantasy writer and all-around awesome person, decided that it would be cool to screen-record her writing process, fast-forward it, add some music, and share it with the Internet. I loved it, because not only is E.R. just a fabulous writer, it's a great way to peek into another creator's skull (that was not meant to be as creepy as it sounded). I even went so far as to make a how-to post so that other writers could join in on the fun.

Then I was tagged by the absolutely splendiferous Samantha Chaffin to create a video myself, and I was itching to do it. But I was on a PC at the time, and screen-recording on a PC is... painful, to say the least.

So now I have a Mac and I finally did it.

...some context, I guess

This is me drafting a bit of the eleventh chapter of my WIP On the Midnight Streets. If you're not caught up on Figment (this bit picks up exactly where the Figment posting leaves off, if you're eager for the next chapter—okay, let's face it, I'm talking directly to Alyssa right now in order to avoid her guilt-tripping), you may want to do some reading first.

the video!

So here it is! Enjoy. (The music is Paola Bennet's downright chills-inducing cover of Bastille's "Pompeii".)

recommended #WatchMeWrite videos 

(I'll admit it: these are all writing friends of mine. They're all WORD MAGICIANS OR SOMETHING. If you've seen a good one that I haven't included, though, don't hesitate to shoot me the link!)

  • E.R. Warren works on rom-com fantasy crack (Burnt Chocolate, Fairy King) in the inaugural #WatchMeWrite video (plus, you can read the full serial over at my lit + art mag).
  • Samantha Chaffin messes with fonts as she starts "hail the pumpkin king" (which has a glorious Pinterest board, by the way).
  • Raefah Wahid makes headway on her mythology-based short story "Ophelia and the Reaper" (featuring some too-cool background music by MS MR).
  • Lydia Albano chips the ice on a Yeats-inspired (yes, watch out for all of the rabid Yeats fans, myself included) mermaid project.
  • Alyssa Carlier revises the opening of her novel Winner Takes All, complete with dead queens and ghosts and OOH, POLITICS (uh-oh, she's running out of Star Wars music to use).

and that's it for my first #watchmewrite! writers, come to the dark side. we've got internet cookies for you.

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  1. I just realised this is the first #WatchMeWrite I've seen in Scrivener. I've yet to try Scrivener myself, but the interface looks quite nice. Perhaps I'll try it sometime.

    Also, that is an absolutely fabulous scene. Your writing is, as always, fabulous. I believe that Rowen and Yvette may be tying for my fav character right now. (Rowen has the significant benefit of being Asian. May I ask whether she's Chinese or Korean or Japanese or ...?) Also, that is GORGEOUS music. I think I've fallen in love with Paola Bennet.

    And thank you so much for featuring my #WatchMeWrite! Here, have some more cookies. XD

  2. Um. You're, like, really cool. And you use Scrivener! I've tried so hard to get into Scrivener... I don't know what it is, but the words don't flow for me unless I'm using Word. It's probably psychological, but that's okay, we're going to pretend it's a fascinating quirk and I'm super normal.

    I also am just in love with your writing. I admit, I'd forgotten how much I ADORED On the Midnight Streets when I was reading it on Figment. It's been such a long time since I checked in on Chantilly!! :) I love it. I feel like I really need to get back to this amazing story.

    Super awesome #WatchMeWrite vid, girl! :)


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