Music Monday [7]: "Flicker" and "Hercules"

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I haven't done a Music Monday in quite a while! To make up for it, I'm introducing a snazzy new blog design and graphics - and recommending two songs that I think you'll really enjoy.

"Flicker" by Lorde (Kanye West Rework)

This is the Kanye West rework of Lorde's "Yellow Flicker Beat", a song produced for the new Mockingjay movie. I thought the original was fabulous, because I already love Lorde's electrifying voice, and this song's lyrics and melody are just killer. It's everything I could ask for. But oh my oh my. I thought that the pacing and instrumentals of this were so much better than the original's (I didn't even know that improving this song was possible, honestly) and this is the perfect song for some of my favorite fire-and-death female characters (Celaena Sardothien, anyone?). This gave me chills.

I'm a princess cut from marble, smoother than a storm
And the scars that mark my body, they're silver and gold
My blood is a flood of rubies, precious stones
It keeps my veins hot, the fire's found a home in me
I move through town, I'm quiet like a fight
And my necklace is of rope, I tie it and untie

"Hercules" by Sara Bareilles

I was a little skeptical of Sara Bareilles - I just feel like I've heard her song "Brave" one too many times, and it grates on my nerves now. But so many people on the Internet just love her so, so much, so I had to pick one of the songs from her latest album on Spotify and give it a listen. Now I'm really glad I did. Bareilles's voice is so strong and... I don't know, earthy? It's really nice, and the lyrics of this song are so beautiful. Plus, more character songs (interestingly enough, this works for Celaena as well)!

I've lost a grip on where I started from
I wish I'd thought ahead and left a few crumbs
I'm on the hunt for who I've not yet become
But I'd settle for a little equilibrium
There is a war inside my heart gone silent
Both sides dissatisfied and somewhat violent
The issue I have now begun to see
I am the only lonely casualty

Have a happy Music Monday, and I hope these picks find their way into your heart!

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