Music Monday [6]: Your Majesties, a fanmix

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I've been listening to a ton of music lately - after downloading the Spotify app, my life has never been quite the same. I've discovered a lot of amazing artists that I'll be sure to highlight in future Music Monday features.

This week's MM is kind of a cheat, since it's a fanmix that I made last week on 8tracks, but I'm ridiculously proud of it and it does have music that I want to share with my blog readers. (I've gotten way into 8tracks lately, and now I have fifteen or so in-progress mixes on there.)

The mix is based around the aesthetic and emotions of the "power couple". Here's the description I wrote up for the Tumblr post:
a mix for the power couple, the king and queen. two souls like ice, like steel, like rust, intoxicated with each other but so afraid to be. iron hands, iron hearts, clasped together, unbreakable. too similar to ever be perfectly harmonious, but certainly learning to love, to be vulnerable. maddened by each other and far too strong to bend. brought together in a crash of bright sparks by their arranged, merely political marriage. they haven’t stopped glowing since.
And here's the tracklist:

i. viva la vida (live) - coldplay / ii. anaesthetic - thomston / iii. winter - daughter / iv. born to die (two friends remix) - lana del rey / v. red - celia pavey / vi. to sleep apart - farao / vii. dance me to the end of love - the civil wars / viii. skyfall - adele

The original Tumblr post, which is here, has 115 notes so far - the most notes any Tumblr post of mine has ever gotten. So yes, I'm a tiny bit proud of it. 

So hit play this Monday, and I hope you enjoy this destructive, varied music mix that I put together!
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