Cover Remake: THE MYSTERIOUS "NEW NOVEL" (and more about that, finally)

I remade the cover. The old one was bugging me. I like this one better, but what do you guys think? (previous cover is here:

Attribution: Cover design by me. Girl silhouette made using stock image courtesy of liam-stock on dA. Boy silhouette made using stock image courtesy of CathleenTarawhiti on dA Background texture courtesy of Lost and Taken. Gear brushes made using stock images courtesy of mossi889 and n-gon-stock on dA.

I absolutely LOVE all of these stock artists. dA stock just makes my day :D

Erm. Now I suppose I owe it to all of my lovely readers to describe this new novel. (Especially the wonderful Anorastar, who specifically commented "I WANT TO READ IT" on the previous post. This one's for you, Anora! I will be posting the novel on Figment this summer as I get more and more into it.)

Hmm, where to start?

The novel is narrated in first-person present tense, with most chapters being from my heroine's point of view but once in a while you'll get a supporting character chapter. It's the first in what I plan on being a quartet, called The Bloodlace Quartet.

So I guess first we have our heroine, Chantilly Rosewater. I suppose she's fairly introverted, has a really weird internal conflict going on just now, seventeen years old, slightly depressed, bookish, writerly (YES SHE'S AN AUTHOR JUST LIKE YOU AND ME), sarcastic when she needs to be, plain-faced, purple-eyed, etc. I think I kind of like how she's turning out.

The book's a fantasy with steampunk elements. The setting is loosely based off of Victorian and Regency England. (I read so much steampunk and Jane Austen and it's finally getting to me.)

The thing is, Chantilly is just a middle-class girl working in a small bookshop. AT FIRST. But then...

Okay, you know what? Since I'm here, why don't I try my hand at an official summary?

A girl and her notebook, a boy and his hat, thievery, love, clockwork, corruption, the rich and the poor, and rebellion seething in a divided city.

Chantilly Rosewater thinks she's been thrown out of her element when her family inherits a massive estate in the wealthy sector, the Upper City. However, she finds that inheritance is nothing compared to being kidnapped on her wedding day. By the most notorious thief in the city of Peralton.

But the Midnight Hatter is not all that he seems, and soon Chantilly is working with him and his band of strangely likable cohorts. What starts out as a series of simple "acts of defiance" begins to escalate until the friends find that they have a host of angry citizens who are looking to them to light the spark of revolt...

Short, admittedly, but Figment summaries are better when fairly short, I've found.

What do y'all think?
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  1. I couldn't believe it when I saw my name in the post!
    Wow, I totally love the new cover. The background pattern is amazing and I especially like the text box thing that was placed on the cover.
    Your novel sounds very intriguing, too.
    ~Anora :)

  2. Ahhh I'm finally getting over here *officially* to comment! I love your blog, and your congenial writing style. know I love OtMS!! I've been thinking a ton about it, and can't wait to catch up on the last few chapters!! Also, I like the old cover you linked to, but the new one is fantastic. I think all of your covers are wonderful; you're quite talented. ;)

  3. (Oh, this is Lydia Albano, from Figment- haha sorry. I should mention that. I'm using my old wordpress account to comment more easily. ;) )

    1. Eek! Hi! Haha thank you - I should be able to post more often pretty soon. :) I'll probably post more about writing now that I'm making some Fig-friends (such as yourself :D) and getting more feedback on my work.

    2. Oh and (ach sorry for the two-comment thing) if you go to the "Long-Term Projects" page, I have a more general listing of the little things I'm working on. (I also included some "praise" of sorts, from various reviewers, and you'll find that I quoted you there :3 hopefully that's fine by you.)

  4. Oh my, of course that's fine!! I'm always so honored by your encouragement and our friendship! :D I'll go and look! Oh, and the reason I asked about Facebook was just that Samantha Chaffin, Cara Olsen, Kim Karalius, Kristin Yuki and a couple others and I were all talking about you and your awesome writing, and how we all thought you're wonderful. :D So if you had facebook we wouldn't just be talking about you, you could join our conversation. :D


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