Book Review: Snow White and Rose Red: The Curse of the Huntsman (Fairy Tales Retold) by Lilly Fang

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Welcome to the Festival of Roses, a world full of magic and romance. Every year during the festival each boy leaves a flower at the door of the girl he believes is the "fairest of them all." Naturally, Snow White gets dozens of flowers, while her younger sister Rose Red is ignored. This year, though, things are different. For the first time, Rose Red has a mysterious admirer, and this year she isn't the only one jealous of her sister's beauty. But even though it’s a time of celebration, when girls begin disappearing, the festival turns deadly. With mysterious strangers arriving every day, an ominous marriage proposal, and magic and danger everywhere, Snow White and Rose Red will need to work together to survive the festival and solve the mystery.

I loaded this book onto my Kindle upon seeing on the Top Free list (strange... I checked the Kindle store again upon finishing it and it is now $2.99...). Though, like most free Kindle fiction books I've read, it needed some polishing up (i.e., grammar, spelling, dialogue, vocab usage, etc.), it was a okay read, and I liked how Rose Red is included in this story. There's a Grimm fairy tale called "Snow-white and Rose-red", and you can read it here. Although the book had nothing to do with the original fairy tale, I liked it all the same, and Rose's natural jealousy is done pretty well.

The rose-centered economy of the little village was really interesting, as well as the Festival itself. The plot is kind of disjointed and incomplete, but the basic storyline is all there... just not enough backstory to fully satisfy me.

I didn't get why Snow immediately fell for the Huntsman... as well as the point of Imerine being the witch, yada yada ya etc. A quick, okay read for bored people like me... not bad.
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