Weekend Wordfest [17]: #MoreHappyThanNot

Happy fourth of July to those of you celebrating in America!

Before we jump into this post, a reminder:
Let's get to it! My phenomenal friend Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout linked me ages ago to do the #MoreHappyThanNot tag. This was a very cool thing created by Shelumiel of the blog Bookish and Awesome. (Check out the original post here, and read Alyssa's tag post here.) Essentially, I'm supposed to answer the following question:

What makes you more happy than not?

photo by shelumiel @ bookish and awesome, who created the tag // also eeek look it's simon vs.
The reason this also doubles as a Weekend Wordfest post? Other than all of the wonderful family and friends and other assorted people who make my life brighter, the biggest thing that makes me more happy than not is words. Specifically, writing my own words.

So I've decided to turn this tag post into a positive celebration of my latest growth in writing. (I swear I'm not as conceited as this post is making me seem. Really.) Some things that make me more happy than not, in the form of some of my favorite lines/quote-worthy things I've written in the past year or so:

From my Freshman Fifteens COMMON ROOM story "Destinata":
Adrenaline, hope, the clawing desire to live live live—these are all singing through my veins. But most of all I'm aglow with love, love for life and people and the shattered being that is me. [...] I feel as fierce and lovely as daybreak.
From my short story "Transmutation":
"I'm immune to capitalism."
From the tenth chapter of my novel-in-progress On the Midnight Streets:
This is about when I recollect that I am standing here, far from home, between two obviously dangerous criminals who are probably about to slice each other to ribbons, and that I should have started running… well, a while ago.
From the eleventh chapter of On the Midnight Streets:
[...] I’m not a fighter, not a real one whose entire body melts into motion at the tip of a hat, whose blood has run onto the street as much as in her own veins, whose bruises are worn like a coat of arms.
From my poem "some things i know to be true":
tomorrow there will be clouds and in a city / far away, a girl will open her windows / and sleepwalk the friday sky. we will have / the same name. no matter what language / i say it in, it will always sound like want.
From my experimental prose/poem "Princess and Dragon in Convers(at)ion":
We are nineteen and we are soldiers—all fight and no heart—and our lips are too far forward, like spears; when they meet head-on, I think I taste either blood or glory. Purity counts for nothing here, where no one will ever hear my screams. My back hits the wall of a building, the first casualty. For a split second, I forget that you are a girl and I am a girl and I am still not used to this picture. For a split second, I even forget how to breathe.
From PaDiC:
There’s a trick to enduring: pretend everyone is a surgeon’s knife, immerse yourself in anesthesia, tell yourself that you’ll breathe easier once they’re finished with you.
From PaDiC:
who spears a monster / for sport, darling? is it you? / is it me? do i hold your heart / in my hands / and should i let it fall? will anyone know / what treasons we have laid down / in the dark?

And that's a wrap! (This was essentially meant as a boost for my self-esteem because I'm trying to write poems for my mentorship and it's all word vomit.) What do you think of my writing? I promise I'm not fishing for compliments.

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  1. I can see why words make you more happy than not! The comparisons you use, the descriptive language, and the flow were delightful... They made me more happy than not, too. :)

  2. Ahh, thank you so much, Heather! :D

  3. I second what Heather says. These snippets are so gorgeous that they definitely make me more happy than not. I can't write like that (YET-this is me being hopeful and hopeless at the same time) and I seriously look up to your writing. My favorite snippet has got to be the fourth one; On the Midnight Streets sounds like such a fascinating WIP.

  4. Thank you, Ana! That seriously means the world—best of luck with your own writing as well! Words make us all more happy than not, it seems :)

  5. Shelumiel Gueco DSJuly 5, 2015 at 9:16 PM

    Christina! This is a special post you did! Thank you for using the Tag in a slightly different BUT lovely way! I really like the trick to enduring one. Good luck with your WIP and happy reading/writing!

  6. Shelumiel! Thank YOU for creating such a creative and positive tag, and for your kind words! Happy reading/writing right back at you.

  7. Oh oh your writing is beautiful and I love it. SO VISUAL AND BEAUTIFUL. Just sayin'.

  8. *blinks* So I THOUGHT I commented on this post. It appeared I remembered to tweet this and forgot to actually come back and write a comment. But as you already know I practically love ALL YOUR WRITING (PaDiC is really gorgeous, I mean it, I am literally reading these lines again and again just to hear them.) And the OtMS snippets are making me nostalgic. *pats Figment page*

    Thank you so much for doing this tag!

  9. Thank you so much, Cait! :D I've always felt my style is rather visual, so I'm glad someone else has picked up on that, too.

  10. No worries! I really appreciated your tweet ;) Thank you so much for your wonderful comment (the writing love is very mutual :D)!


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