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-ology switched to a quarterly format after the above graphic was made
I'm so floored to be able to tell you all this: my poem "Still Life with Broken Hearts" is being published in the second issue of the drop-dead gorgeous -Ology Journal

-Ology is a quarterly online journal of literature and photography with an amazing staff headed by the relentlessly creative and talented Avery Myers. I started to follow their doings and dealings when the journal was first founded, as the lovely and brilliant Paola Bennet was the managing editor. Once I'd gotten a good look at their website and 'about' page, I fell in love:
Here at -Ology Journal, we ache for writing that exudes a boldness of sentences - for writing that establishes a sense of haunt. We want to publish the electricity at the end of your spine; the Friday-night shivers beneath your lungs.
Then when the first issue of -Ology came out, with a theme of 'alethiology' (the science of truth and evidence), I couldn't read fast enough. Here's the link for your reading enjoyment, because my mere words wouldn't do it justice.

This tweet (from too-cool-for-this-world Tumblr user mythaelogy), I think, sums it up best:
Anyway, I wrote a little poem about a relationship gone awry (which basically wrote itself after I'd come up with the title) and decided I might as well submit, because although I was admittedly very starstruck (who wouldn't be? this publication is amazing), I thought it wouldn't hurt to get my work read by such a talented group of creatives. You can imagine my open-mouthed surprise at receiving an acceptance letter around a month later.

Long story short, "Still Life with Broken Hearts" is now available in the second issue of -Ology, which has the theme of 'chiaroscuro'.

Please let me know what you think, and enjoy the rest of this breathtaking journal!

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  1. Congratulations on being published in Ology! That is so awesome and amazing. I just went and read your poem, and no wonder it was chosen. It's incredibly beautiful.

    I love the theme of chiaroscuro, because it's one of my favourite words (since it almost has my entire name in it ;D). In high school, we had these jerseys and we could have a nickname or whatever printed on the back, and I got chiaroscuro printed. ^.^

    Anyway, congrats again! :D

  2. Thank you so much! I can't even begin to say how much that means to me <3 And yes! The concept of chiaroscuro is so, so lovely (and bonus points for having your name in it, of course!).

    Thanks for stopping by, Chiara!

  3. Congratulations, Christina - Ology is indeed a beautiful journal, and I'm so glad you're excited at having been published! (Also: "city-soaked stars" is the sort of phrase that resides in the hollowed-out recesses of one's soul, and now I can't stop saying it over and over to myself. Simply lovely.)

  4. Ahhh, thank you, Topaz! I'm so in love with -Ology, honestly—I fangirled so hard when my poem was accepted :D congratulations on your poem being in that issue as well! (Eeeek. I'm so glad that phrase stuck with you!)


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