Publication News: Glass Kite Anthology

More exciting publication news to share with you all this month! My poem "Mouth" is in the third issue of the gorgeous Glass Kite Anthology.

GKA was founded by writers Margaret Zhang and Noel Peng—Margaret has actually contributed a poem (and a prose piece) to the lit/art magazine I run, The Teacup Trail, so I can personally vouch for the creative goodness on GKA's masthead. Plus, they've got a whole bunch of amazing staff. Here's a slice of what they're all about:
We want works that are on the verge of breaking, pieces that are bloated with experience, the ashes on your fingertips, the caverns between your cavities, the kneecaps bruised with jasmine tea. Tell us what it feels like when you first bite into your best friend’s grief, what you do when you outgrow your childhood sandals, where your brother goes at night with his lips stained orange. Let us catch the last words he indents on your cheek, the promises that hover just above the skyline, cawing away like crows.
(A little off-topic, but isn't that breathtaking?)

I highly encourage you to browse the rest of the issues they have archived on the Glass Kite Anthology website, as well as the issue I'm in:
This issue contains houses that occupy space in different ways, faeries, fresh perspectives on Greek mythology, biblical verses, love and lack of love, thirst, and a plethora of hands.

Enjoy digging into this wonderful slice of the arts, and do support all the other creators represented in this lovely issue!

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  1. Ahh, thank you! *Glass Kite buddy high-five*

  2. Fellow GKA buddy here! Glass Kite is one of my favourite journals of all time (actually, if I'm being totally honest, it's probably my second favourite - after the Trail, of course ;)), and I'm SO EXCITED that your gorgeous work is in it. I always knew those editors had incredible taste. *nods*

  3. Yes yes yes! GKA is a wonderful journal run by wonderful people (with really good taste, evidently, since they've published you and Alyssa). *nodnod*


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