The Teacup Trail: Call for Art Editor(s)!

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Some of you might be aware that I run a literary and art magazine based on Tumblr called The Teacup Trail. If you're not, here's a short introduction to my small publishing endeavor:
Our first love is anything speculative, whether it’s writing or art, full of the magic that makes the world go round. Fairy-dusted, shadowy and cursed, or suffused with starlight - however you like it, we’ll love it if it’s fantastical. That said, we know that tea comes with many different flavors, and we’re happy to try them all.
That's what our aesthetic is like. However, our art editor has to leave us, so we're looking in a hurry for a new one! 

Here are some short benefits of the position:

  • You help decide the visual artwork that gets published in The Teacup Trail.
  • Your bio is listed on our Masthead page. 
  • Although we can't offer payment, you do get the experience of working as part of a literary magazine's editorial staff.
  • We'll be forever grateful for your hard work (no, but really, you would have a special place in our hearts).
Our ideal new art editor would:
  • Have a spot-on sense of The Teacup Trail's inherently magical/speculative aesthetic.
  • Have a keen eye for visuals.
  • Have the free time to go through any art submissions that come in.
  • Be able to report accept/reject recommendations to the editor-in-chief (that's me!) in a timely manner.
  • As a plus (but it's not necessary) be interested/skilled in visual art.
  • As another plus (but again, not required) have experience working with a literary magazine.
  • And yet another plus (not necessary) be able to promote The Teacup Trail around the Internet.
  • And as always, be passionate about The Teacup Trail's mission.
Sound like something you might want to do with us? Let us know at teacupsandhearts [at] gmail [dot] com with just a few things:
  • Why do you want to work with The Teacup Trail?
  • What experience do you have that qualifies you for this position? (This isn't as important as the first question, so don't be too worried.)
  • Do you have any art samples that demonstrate your qualifications? If so, attach them or link us to them! (This is optional.)
If we think you might be a good fit for us, we'll email back asking you to give us accept/reject recommendations with reasons for a few sample art pieces. And remember, if more than one individual shows exemplary talent for the position, we may take on more than one art editor.

Some final words: don't be afraid to apply if you're genuinely interested. Passion for the mission is so much more important than experience, so if you don't have any, contact us anyway! We'll be glad to consider anyone and everyone.

We hope there are lots of interested people in this position, and the entire staff of The Teacup Trail sends much love!
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