Publication News: Canvas Literary Journal


I'm delighted to announce that another one of my works has found a home in a publication! Today it's Canvas Literary Journal, a magazine written by teenagers that is based in Rochester, New York. 

Canvas is a magazine produced by teenagers from the Writers and Books program. My work is set to appear in the Spring 2014 issue, which will be their first ever venture into print. I'm so excited that my writing is going into print for the second time!

For writers and artists ages 13-18 - I would advise you to submit!

The story I sent in is called "Breadcrumb Nightlife", and to be short and sweet, it's about a ghost girl and a lost boy and a glittering corner of a too-big city. I hope that some of you get to read it, because it'll be available online once the issue is released.

Happy reading and writing to you all!
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  1. Congratulations, Starflower! I remember reading Breadcrumb Nightlife as a Scrimmage entry for the Imaginarium, and I'm glad to see it's found another home :)

  2. Congrats! I came over here for the TCWT blog chain (no worries if you forgot--happens all the time) and I just wanted to say two things: 1) I 100% approve of your #WeNeedDiverseBooks badge. And 2) your blog design is freaking fantastic. I have no idea how you got that welcome message at the top to have links and such, but it is amazingly cool. If only I could do that on Wordpress, but sadly they are restrictive.


    1. Thank you!

      Oh, darn, the blog chain totally slipped my mind. My apologies!

      1) Oh yes. I 100% approve of #WeNeedDiverseBooks because that is an awesome campaign.
      2) Thank you so much! Actually, most of my blog design was done by a lovely named Jessie (credit to her is in the blog footer). I just tweaked a few things. And the welcome message I did with HTML - which Wordpress might be able to do too, as a widget.

      Anyhow, thank you so much for heading over here! I really appreciate the comment.


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